Our material

The industrial location of Schweinfurt has always been known for its bearing manufacturers. KLT was also able to position itself successfully in the market and exclusively uses the in-house material Slidertan®, which was specially developed for sliding elements.

This is characterized above all by its very high technical resilience and is extremely low-wear. This is also shown by long-term tests carried out on one of the largest bearings equipped with Slidertan® sliding washers. In the case of the bearing with a bore diameter of 1150 mm, which is in operation as a supporting bearing of a steel converter, sliding surface wear of only 0.3 mm was determined over a sliding distance of 100,000 m.

Slidertan® is also used in many other storage applications such as bridge bearings, weirs, rail vehicles or ship cranes. It is also suitable as a sliding layer for joints and rod heads. Here, too, our material compounds with various additives to improve the sliding properties and increase the dimensional stability have proven their worth.

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